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April 1st, 2009

Training NEWS!!! @ 02:13 pm

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Hello Skaters!!!

Training tonight -Jack Kane
                             280 Niddrie Mains Rd
                             Edinburgh, EH16 4ND
                             0131 657 1595

From 7.30 til 9.30 bring along plenty of water and be ready to push yourself on you minimum standards.

Friday will see our first 3 hour training session. The plan for this new training time is to allow for newer skaters to have a full hours track time before a more advanced training session will begin. All skaters passed their minimums can take part but all skaters regardless of standards can stay as we will need penalty trackers etc. This will also be a great opportunity to learn the rules, see the game play and get lots of information from skaters and referee's!!!

Friday nights - Meadowbank Sports Centre
                         139-143 London Rd, 
                          Edinburgh, EH7 6AE
                          0131 661 5351

From 7pm til 10pm!!
First hour new skaters
Second Hour Advanced drills
Third Hour Scrimmage!!!!

Extra practice!!!

We also have an extra training session this week on Saturday. This will be a skills sharing day with skaters from Glasgow Roller Girls and Granite City Roller Girls coming along to learn and teach each other. We will also be having a mixed scrimmage so bring black and white tee's!!

Saturday -Musselburgh Sports Centre
                  101 Newbigging
                  Musselburgh, EH21 7AS
                  0131 653 6367

From 2.30pm til 4.30pm.
Drinks and food afterward!!!

As always new skaters, refs, officials and fans are always welcome to come along to our practices and watch and have a go!!!


Guest Skating @ 09:13 am


ARRG guest skated for Middlesburgh Milk Rollers last weekend in their bout against the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames. MMR put up an awesome fight and held their own in the first half. However the might and experience of BBDD was too much for them and the final score was 198 - 78 a respectable score for MMR's first public bout!!!

ARRG will also be guest skating for Leeds Roller Dolls in their first bout "Dollhouse Demolition" Also against the mighty Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames. This bout will be on the 18th of April at Cocks Moors Wood Leisure Center in Birmingham. We wish all our skaters and LRD good luck!!!

February 17th, 2009

AARG vs MMR @ 11:28 am


Well on Suday the 15th of Feb Meadowbank Stadium, London Road, Edinburgh again held host to another ARRG bout. This time against Middlesburgh Milk Rollers plus guests from Glasgow Roller Girls and the awesome Auld Reekie Roller Girls!!!

As this was a closed bout it was a great chance for new referee's to learn and for newer skaters to get some bouting experience!! With ref's like "Pink-A-Boo" and "Noise Pollution" of MMR and "Dick Van Strike" and "Blackjack Belle" of ARRG, making their ref debut!! With "3 Majors" and "Brutally Frank" of GRG jam reffin for the day.

Everyone was ready a prepared to start, with a small number of spectators there to cheer everyone along. The first whistle blew and ARRG took an instant lead. The first period ended with "Darcy Hustle" of MMR having to sit out due to an injury. ARRG had taken the lead and it was 40 to 14.

During the second period MMR began to find their skating legs and started gaining lead jammer status. Thanks to "Fraulin Wonder" and "Germaine Leer". However this was not enough to hold back ARRG with "Juicy Lucy" earning ARRG 18 points in a single pass and "Moxie Emerald" gaining ARRG 20 points again in a single pass. By the end of the second period ARRG's lead had grown.

There was a few line up changes as some of the MMR skaters where injured. Like "Smokin' Ace" who dislocated her shoulder and a few jams later was back on track (true derby spirit). ARRG handed over some more Guest skaters to MMR. As this was a closed bout everyone decided to keep it friendly and try to teach others and learn things from each other.

The end of the third period came and the final score was 55 to MMR and a very impressive 279 to ARRG.

Madame De Stompadore of ARRG and Fraulin Wonder of MMR were both awarded most valued player by the refs.

Everyone agreed that they all learned a lot and had gained some new friends and all at ARRG can't wait to meet MMR on the track again!!!

February 5th, 2009

Practice @ 02:25 pm

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Just a reminder we have a practice on Friday.

Friday night 7pm til 9pm

Meadowbank Stadium
London Road

Remember to bring along plently of water and wear comfortable clothes.

If you are coming along for the first time please get in touch as we do have some spare equipment for use but it can go quite quickly.

Hope to see some new faces soon.

Ella~Bella Bang~Bang
ARRG Head Ref!

January 31st, 2009

Practice!!!!! @ 09:34 pm

Hey Skaters!!!!

We have a tarbrax practice tomorrow!!!

Starts at 2pm and lasts till 4!!!!

Hope you can make it along.

Remember wear layers as the village hall can be a bit cold, and bring plenty of water!!!

January 27th, 2009

ARRG in the press @ 02:32 pm


You've gotta roll with it


Published Date: 27 January 2009
By Mercy Breheny
IT SPEAKS volumes that the official website of the Auld Reekie Roller Girls (ARRG) is sponsored by a helmet company, a tattooist and a healthcare professional. On the site, ARRG invite interested parties over 18 to come along any time but advise: "You will need: quad skates, skate helmet, knee and elbow pads; wrist guards; some comfortable clothes to skate in; a bottle of water and the expectation of a whole new world of body odour."
As a casual observer at a roller derby practice session last week, I witnessed the awesome sight of 30 fearless females tearing round a sports centre on roller skates, seemingly launching themselves into one another with abandon, which conjured up thoughts of the Hellcats of St Trinians. The Auld Reekie Roller Girls are preparing for their first derby of the year. Coinciding with the weekend of Robert Burns's birth, the event is cheekily entitled Fishnets Burns, in honour of both the Bard and one of the most common injuries endured by the skaters, for the uniform of preference here seems to be fishnet tights, hotpants, stripy socks and tattoos.

The sport of roller derby started in the early Twenties but the contact element didn't come into play until the Thirties. By the 1970s, interest in the sport rather fizzled out, but was revived in the Noughties when it was embraced by a new wave of skaters. Today it's almost exclusively an all-female event. Watching a game in progress, it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on; when I'm handed a printout of the rules things become only slightly less confusing. Each team has five girls on the track at any time: three blockers, one pivot, and one jammer (the scorer). All the players from both teams, except for the jammers, form a pack. As both teams skate round the track the jammers must try to pass through the pack in order to score points. Points are deducted for illegal moves but the sport appears to be so rough that it's amazing what doesn't count as a penalty. Every few seconds someone seems to hit the deck and the girls are well armoured as violence seems to be the order of the day.

"A lot of our girls are attracted to the camaraderie and the team spirit here," Miss SavageKat tells me, raising her voice to be heard as another skater thuds to the floor. SavageKat is one of the head "jeerleaders". She won't be playing at the Fishnet Burns derby as she's recovering from an injury, but she will be shaking her pompoms in support of the team. "It's also a good way to keep fit if you're looking for a sport that's not so regimented. We've got players from every walk of life here: teachers, bakers, accountants, support workers and burlesque stars."

It's clear that the skaters all dress to impress. Sparkly green eyeshadow is favoured by many (green is the team colour); facial piercings abound, as do leopard-skin accessories and brightly coloured hair. There is a strong element of camp involved and every player must equip herself with an appropriate – and unique – moniker, which must then be registered with the American Roster. "You can pick your own number," says Ciderella -3C. "People like 666, 13 and 69. We've even got infinity and pi." Each girl also has a legend. Ciderella's, for example, reads: "This boozy princess is a cool customer at -3 degrees, and after a couple of pints of apples she'll rip your face off as soon as look at you. Special skills: home brewing; hard hitting!"

Referee Ella Bella Bang Bang won't be playing at the derby for "medical reasons" but that doesn't stop her coming to practice every week. "Even if you're injured or can't skate, there's something for you to do if you just want to be on the team. We need people to sell merchandise, to jeerlead and to coach." Ella Bella hikes up her shirt to show me her "medical reasons". As well as a delicate tattoo of an orchid climbing up her ribcage, her skin is adorned by a scar that travels ten inches up her back. "I've got metal rods in my spine." she says, although she's quick to add that this is not due to a skating injury.

The team's captain, Armalite Angie, ("Hard as nails biker chick. Special skills: takedowns!") will be playing, and the opposition better beware. Armalite is a formidable Amazon of a woman: Tall, muscular, her chest and arms are tattooed with celtic-looking armour and I'm not a bit surprised when she tells me that her day job is driving trucks.

She too was attracted to the camaraderie of ARRG. "We're like family here. The social side is as important as the skating and the shared adrenaline buzz is amazing!"

When I express an interest in having a go myself she quickly has me kitted out in skates and some extremely sweaty knee and elbow pads. With all the grace of a baby giraffe I hobble to my feet and attempt to follow Angie.

As a kid I used to rollerskate everywhere and assumed, like riding a bicycle, that the muscle memory would still be there. Not a bit of it. "Make like an ape." someone yells from the sidelines. "Lean forward and let your arms hang down". I take the advice and it gets marginally easier.

"What's the worst that can happen?" says Angie

"I'll fall and hurt myself," I reply.

Angie puts her skate in front of mine, and I fall to the floor, and it doesn't hurt at all. What a wuss I am!

One of the players stands out like a sore thumb. Not because of the tattooed neck and head but because he's the only male in the room. Cain Unstable is married to Angie and comes along each week to coach. What on Earth must his biker mates think of his Friday night activities? "They do give me a bit of stick but I just tell them I get to shout at 30 women and they all do as I tell them." he says.

After practice as the girls are packing away their skates and sweaty gear I ask who has the most gruesome injury story. Ciderella, who once cracked a kneecap ("I could still skate on it"), tells me to find Miss Treats. When it turns out she's already left, Ciderella advises: "Just ask anyone about 'the Leeds incident'."

Tartan Tearaway looks uncomfortable when asked and remains somewhat tight-lipped. "There was nothing improper" she says cryptically. "Accidents will happen. It was a total one-off."

"How come no-one will talk to me about 'The Leeds Incident?'" I ask the group.

"Oh I'LL talk about it!" says Maul E Cater.

And she proceeds to tell me the tale, which concludes: "…the sock was the only thing holding the bone in place."

If you want to know the whole story, you had better get along to a Friday night practice session at Meadowbank and ask anyone about The Leeds Incident.

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(no subject) @ 12:07 pm

Hello and welcome to the Auld Reekie Roller Girls Community!!!

Here you will be able to get in touch with the skaters, referees and fans of the sport. Find out about up and coming events and ask us any derby related questions and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Hopefully see you at a training session sometime soon!!!

Ella~Bella Bang~ Bang
A-R-R-G Head Ref